Sheila Junniar / 1988 / Indonesia / Foucault's admirer / I was born when the sun currently transits the constellation of Gemini / I'm attracted easily by beach, get lost when traveling, and stars / You may say anything but your opinion does not matter to me.

Oh little ghost, you see the pain

But together we can make something beautiful,
So take my hand and perfectly,
We fill the gaps, you and me make three,
I was meant for you, and you for me.

You’ve always loved the strange birds
Now I want to fly into your world
I want to be heard
My wounded wings still beating,
You’ve always loved the stranger inside…
Me, ugly pretty.

(Source: Spotify)

  -  18 October
"Emotional pain is remembered more than physical pain and has more effect on your behaviour."

everybody is asleep, like always. it’s almost midnight and i’m bored watching these lame tv shows so i decided to open my tumblr. i know i didn’t write as many as the old days. having a really active child is really draining my energy and takes most of my time. my me-time is only when he’s asleep or when i go to the spa once a month. life is full of surprises. sometimes, when i do my households, i think of how i’ve never ever had a thought that i would be a house wife at this age. or have a child. or do my laundry, mop my house, clean up the toilet, etc etc you can name of.but i’m happy that i’m devoted myself to something good instead of wandering around doing useless things. i’ve moved on from my old life, i’m making progress, and i’m really glad - joyful. it’s tiring, sometimes i’m beyond bored, but you know what to explain a happily tired? it’s just something like that.

  -  18 October

i woke up with headache and it was probably the longest nap lately

  -  13 October
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